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Скринер Акций и Криптовалют

The first Statistical Screener, freely available to Professional scalpers.

Screener of Cryptocurrencies and Shares of MICEX, NYSE, CME, with support for Telegram signals, confirmed by a real robot with open statistics , with information output on ExTG charts.

The screener allows you to determine the levels of Imbalances for a market neutral strategy, as well as the levels of Breakout and levels of False Calls. Not least important in the structure of the assessment is the format for determining the ATR, the average daily and weekly price behavior, with the conversion to real percentages of its behavior.

Determination of Densities in the glass, the presence of Robots that set up and Market active prints in the tape, is carried out in real time.

The latest ExTG interpretation technology is used to display graphs.

ExTG: Exponential Time Graph charts are designed to make it easy to view large amounts of data (including the entire history of quotes),to reduce the time for switching between time frames and searching for levels on different TFs. Now this can be done with the mouse wheel zooming in/out,thus the scale of the data. You may find it unusual to display ExTG candles. ExTG is a new generation of data presentation that displays momentary price action,and does not hide it inside the candlestick (there is no need to guess what the candlestick analysis shows, because its internal behavior is expressed in the chart). Time characteristic of the price,decreases exponentially up to tick price changes. Display of Cluster Volumes (Footprint) is calculated by a unique technology, which allows you to make a relative assessment for different Time Frames. Bursts of equally aligned volumes on both m1 and m5 are evaluated in the same graph.

The charts allow you to evaluate the statistical levels (Target zones) of Pins and Breakouts, with zones of the nearest correction (Hedge zones). Information about inefficiencies is also displayed on the graphs.

To use the screener, select the required exchange, in the site header.

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